How We Do It

     At Merited Wealth, we believe that right advice at the right time provides the most value.  We focus on working with entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals and executives who are ready, willing and able to make a positive change in their personal and professional lives.

     As a firm, or goal is clear:  Your Financial Life Made Simple. Our work typically begins with the creation of your GamePlan.

The GamePlan

The GamePlan is a thorough review of your entire financial life to help you:

Start the Game – Develop a full and complete Personal Balance Sheet.

Get in the Game – Asset and Debt Management, Income Tax Planning.

Prepare to Defend – Insurance Planning, Asset Protection.

Play Smart – Estate and Legal Planning.

Win Championships – Achieve your goals through perspective and accountability with consistent and ongoing execution.

The GamePlan is a stand-alone service for which you have no obligation to work with us any further after completed.  The depth scope and fee for the GamePlan is agreed to in advance.  Once the GamePlan is completed, we will recommend to you one of our two (2) levels of on-going Advisory services:

Wealth Teaming

We assist you to implement and monitor the agreed upon recommendations produced by the GamePlan.  While our Advisory services include Investment Advice and Guidance, utilization of our Investment Management services is optional.  We will tailor or services to your specific needs to make sure we are providing you the level of advice and services desired.

Wealth Counsel

Our Wealth Counsel services build upon and are more comprehensive and in-depth than our Wealth Teaming.  We coordinate and counsel with all your outside Advisors to help ensure all advice and recommendations by all Advisors is followed and implemented.  Our Investment Management is an integral part of this level of service to be able to effectively coordinate and implement your GamePlan. You would be able to rely on us for any of our services at any time needed and we assist to find, coordinate and manage service outside our scope of services.

We also give clients the opportunity to engage us initially for a period of one (1) year for our Wealth Teaming or Wealth Counsel services.  Such engagement is at our stated minimum fee with a portion of the annual fee paid up front and the remaining amount paid over the ensuing year.  At the conclusion of that first year, we can make the determination if further work together would provide you additional value and we could continue working together under an the current or modified agreement or part as friends!